Working experience

Gratuated in 2007, I've been working as a collaborator in different architecture offices in France, Italy and Spain and since 2010, I'm licensed to practice throughout the European Union (french HMO)

I moved to Paris on January 2012 and since then I've joined architecture offices and private-entreprises as architect DPLG (french equivalence for my title)

BIM architect
Jan-July > Jean-Luc Chapel architecture c/o Setec
2015BIM architect > Jean-Luc Chapel architecture c/o Setec
2014BIM architect
Nov-Dec > Jean-Luc Chapel architecture c/o Setec
Jan-Sept > DGarchitecture
2013architect collaborator
Oct-Dec > DGarchitecture
May-July > Arep
April-May > Arealis (groupe Optim)
Jan-Feb > Les Plâtres Modernes
architect collaborator
Nov-Dec > Les Plâtres Modernes
June-August > Atelier A4plus-Paris
April-June > Pascal Dalous architecte
architect collaborator - ArcLab, Ravenna, ITALY
architect collaborator with Leonardo scolarship - EMBT, Barcelona, SPAIN
architect collaborator - Officina di Architettura, Ravenna, ITALY